UK planning allows practically any homeowner to add a small porch at the front of their house. Providing the dimensions are within certain limits, you shouldn’t need planning permission.
If you’re thinking of adding a porch, or refurbishing your existing porch, you might be thinking about the advantages of having one:

•    A porch is obviously a simple way of gaining extra space.
•    Your porch can also serve as an extra layer of defence against intruders.
•    A porch could also help to improve energy efficiency by preventing heat loss to the outside. If designed correctly, you should be able to enter your porch, close the door, and then open the door to the house, so the warm air indoors is retained.

EDS have many clients who add a porch to their drawings / planning application as part of other more major works. We simply treat it as another category and add £150 + VAT to our fee.